My career path hasn’t been a straight line. During college, I discovered my ability to see abstract spatial relationships and turned to design. I thrived in this field because of the discipline and precision it required, and it ultimately led to a degree in architecture. Architecture requires deep thought and analysis to produce unique, functional answers to “problems” posed.

Since Minority-Owned Businesses are entitled to a pro-rated portion of state/federal monies, and women are considered a minority, I decided to start a business shortly after graduation. My father’s position as a top civil engineer, and his perseverance as a survivor of polio, inspired me.

At that time, women did not run construction or architectural firms. Despite this tremendous challenge, my company successfully partnered with large construction companies in New York City, and we won numerous projects from the Metropolitan Transit Authority. 

In the process, I learned how to run a company, compete for business, negotiate contracts and manage deadlines and budgets. The work required strong organizational and project management skills, and my work had to comply with multiple codes and rules from many agencies. 

During the next two decades, my company completed million-dollar projects expanding structural tunnels throughout the NYC subway system. In doing so, we contributed to the recognition of women in the construction industry. 

After about 20 years running my company, and with the complications in construction resulting from 9/11, I left to start a family, the most challenging job of my life. I became active in the community through my children’s schools and joined various local organizations to prevent cruelty to animals.

My experience running a business, strong analytical and problem-solving skills, and my ability to negotiate and advocate, contribute to my success, while my expertise in the intricacies of construction, and a Masters in Real Estate Finance, would make me a valuable contributor in future projects.

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