Hi! You have arrived at the personal website of Ruth B. Toporoff. This site serves as my focal point on the Internet and an anchor linking to my social media accounts bylined articles and much more.

It includes information about my career, personal interests, philosophy and other pursuits. Chief among them is my love for animals, especially dogs and horses. I have supported worthy organizations to protect them and particularly enjoy the sport of dressage.

The site also includes a blog to allow me to opine on a wide variety of topics and to make my website flexible as my interests evolve.

As my online experience has been limited in the past, I look forward to taking a more active online stance, and this website represents a foundational step in that direction.

Personal websites are becoming increasingly common as the Internet becomes more user-friendly, and sites can be established with a minimum of coding. These sites serve a variety of purposes including:

  • A sophisticated CV
  • An online diary
  • Promotion of a cause
  • Entertainment
  • Personal enrichment
  • Networking or making a statement

This site also allows me to take a proactive posture regarding my personal publicity. It introduces me properly to new acquaintances and shows my devotion to my local community. As an active participant in the neighborhood and a strong supporter of many causes, I sometimes need to assuage people about my sincerity and basic sense of justice.

Various pages on this site are devoted to my career, personal life and aspirations. As a mother of three, including twin teenage boys, I have strived to ensure a superior educational system for their future. My concerns frequently dovetail with other parents, and I hope this website will provide a sounding board and platform transcending the typical social media environment.

You will find a form on the contact page of this site for any input, suggestions or comments you may wish to forward. I hope this site will reflect all our values as we move forward together to create secure and happy lives for our families.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to visit and interact with this exciting project!

–Ruth B. Toporoff